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DocuDoka #3: Why Is Child Sex Tourism So Difficult to Prevent?

02 Dec 2016 20:00 - 23:00

Doka, Volkshotel, Wibaustraat 150, 1091 Amsterdam

On Friday, December 2th, DocuDoka hosts the third edition of their bimonthly film and discussion series in creative night bar Doka, located in the basement of the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. The central question of the night will be: why is child sex tourism so difficult to prevent? This question will be addressed by screening two new documentaries on child sex tourism, SOS: Sold Out Slaves (2016) and Fallen Angels (2016), and there will be a discussion afterwards with Celine Verheijen (Defence for Children International - Nederland) and Anneke Koning (Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology, Leiden University) and the audience. The moderator will again be Inge Hermann, Associate Professor Ethics & Tourism at Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

Program DocuDoka #3: Why Is Child Sex Tourism So Difficult To Prevent?
20.00 Doors open
20.20 Introduction by Inge Hermann (Associate Professor in Ethics and Tourism)
20.30 SOS: Sold out Slaves (26 min) and Fallen Angeles (49 min)
21.50 Break
22.00 Discussion with Celine Verheijen and Anneke Koning
22:45 After-chat with drinks at the bar
00:00 Start regular Doka party (until 7am!)

SOS: Sold Out Slaves and Fallen Angels are both investigative documentaries produced by RT Documentary, an English-language documentary channel created by Russian media company RT. SOS: Sold Out Slaves is a short documentary directed by Alexander Avilov on Kenya’s growing child prostitution crisis. Kenya is currently in the top 5 world destinations for child abuse. In 2006 UNICEF published statistics that indicated that, due to the poverty situation, about a third of children in Kenya is involved in some form of prostitution and one out of ten is involved in sex trade. In this film, young prostitutes talk about how they got involved in this trade and why they see no alternative solutions at hand. SOS also features child protection representatives to find out what’s being done to help the victims and to combat child prostitution in Kenya.

The second documentary, Fallen Angels, is directed by Alyona Simikina and focuses on Angeles City in the Philippines, a well-known sex tourism destination. Hundreds of local young women work in the bars and night clubs offering services for money they desperately need to make ends meet for their families. The real victims though are the sex workers’ children, conceived by foreign travellers, on which this documentary focuses. They stand out in the crowd because of their mixed-race appearances, but they’re not an unusual sight, as there are many children of the sex trade within their communities. In most cases, these kids have never met their fathers, who either don’t know or care that their own offspring has been left behind. The RT Doc film crew visits Angeles City to meet these children and to reveal their lives and dreams.

The discussion panel of the night will consist of Celine Verheijen (Defence for Children International - Nederland) and Anneke Koning (Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology). These two experts in the field of child sex tourism will stimulate and engage in a lively discussion with the audience. The documentaries will be in English (with English subtitles), as well as the discussion, to enhance inclusion and participation of the audience.

Docu Doka, an initiative of Doka in collaboration with Gasten in je Gezicht and Caribbean Creativity, is an engaging film and discussion night on the adverse effects of globalization. Every two months (usually the last Friday of that month) in creative night bar Doka an urgent issue in today’s global society is discussed on the basis of a documentary and discussion with special guests and the audience. The first series focuses on the impact of tourism. What are the effects of modern tourism on people and the environment?

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