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How To Create Purpose Now

14 Mar 2017 19:45 - 22:00

The Hoxton, Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam

OK so all we love our kids, I mean really love them, but lets be honest, life can sometimes feel like one long groundhog day. The girl who did well at school, studied, got a good job, was the life and soul of the party now spends most of her time scraping fish fingers off the floor, breaking up fights, negotiating dinner requests and basically wondering how the hell this happened to her. Life with young kids is beautiful but tough and if you are anything like us then you may feel that your identity and confidence has taken a bit of a knock. Well The Motherhood Project is here to help. Our next speaker is a wonderful lady called Eva Visser Plaza from Eva Authentic Living. Eva Visser Plaza is passionate about guiding women to create ease, purpose and conenction in their lives to become authentic inspired creators of their lives.

Whether you are a stay at home or working mother, life after children can have a significant impact in our lives. Maybe you feel at a loss as to how to get back into the workforce, or you have a business idea but lack the confidence to get started or maybe you just need a boost. The session will give you tools to reconnect to your inner self and practical steps to help you add value to your life. We are really excited about this one and we think you will really enjoy it so join us for lots of fun and a little bit of soul searching (with wine of course).
About Eva:
I was not born a coach, guide or mentor. I have done different studies and worked in different work fields. 8 years ago while I was working as a project manager consultant in a consulting firm, I became a mother for the first time. When I returned to my job after my maternity leave, I struggled for a year to create purpose and alignment with my new self as a mother. My priorities were changed and my work field and activities did not resonate with me anymore. While I was juggling my role as a mother and consultant, I landed in a burn-out. I started with the three-year rebalancing bodywork training where I was invited to reconnect with myself tot he core. Fast forward 6 years later I have become a certified Rebalancing Body worker and stress coach. I have helped many intuitive, sensitive, creative, international women successfully explore their inner voice and align this with the outside world. I believe we can only create and find purpose, ease and connection if we connect with ourselves.

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