Amsterdam Improv Marathon 2020

Apr 18 2020 12:00 - 23:59

Cinetol Amsterdam, Tolstraat 182, 1074 VM Amsterdam

Twelve jam-packed hours of improv comedy and theatre

Tag Out Theatre presents its third annual Amsterdam Improv Marathon, featuring a selection of local stars and international talent. Show tickets are sold on the basis of single blocks (as listed below) or as a full-day pass. 

BLOCK ONE 12.00-14.00
Amsterdam Musical Improv Stars (Amsterdam)
Grover (Amsterdam)
Placeholders (Amsterdam)
Land of Giants (Amsterdam)

BLOCK TWO 14.00-16.00
The Big Bet (Amsterdam)
Doppelgänger (Cologne/Bielefeld)
The Dead Pheasants (Rotterdam)
ImproFX (Lisbon)

BLOCK THREE 16.00-18.00
De Stuurlui (Utrecht)
Long Form Mixer (Various)
Deft Improv Group (Delft)
Team Cobra (Amsterdam)

BLOCK FOUR 18.00-20.00
Swaajp (Antwerp)
Tag Out Theatre players (Amsterdam)
Short Form Mixer (Various)
Chili Con Comedy (Eindhoven)

BLOCK FIVE 20.00-22.00
Rocky Amaretto (Amsterdam)
Let's Play (The Hague)
Easylaugs (Amsterdam) 
To The Biscuits (Dublin)

BLOCK SIX 22.00-midnight
Acaprov (London)
My Partner's Partner and Me (Amsterdam)
Holy Spot (Eindhoven)
This Is Not A Horse (Brussels)
Grand Finale (Various)