Yoni art workshop. A journey of healing for women

25 Aug 2019 13:00 - 16:00

AmentiMoveMeant Totem, Machiniststraat 11, 3071 ZJ Rotterdam

Yoni Art Workshop. A journey of healing for women.

After a successful sold-out event, we will gather for another Yoni Art Workshop on the 25th of August. This drawing workshop provides an opportunity for women to explore the depths and feminine energy within our bodies. The Yoni Art workshop provides a space for conscious creation and feelings of oneness.

The Divine Feminine is calling. She is calling the inner feminine power that resides within you. She is calling for sisters from all over the planet to reclaim a nurturing and intimate relationship with her, from deep within yourselves. We need to wake up, we need to connect with the emotions that reside in the powerful and beautiful women that we are. It is time to break through shame. It is time to let go of self-judgment to grow and heal. I use Art in this process of transformation.

The Yoni, Sanskrit for “source”, “womb”, is the sacred part of the woman, the root of divine eternal processes of creation. It is also the root of our feminine power. Through the process of intuitive drawing, you will discover how to create and how to tap into that mystical and magical place.

I have learned that finding your own way to express yourself and unblocking your creative energy, is one of the most important things. I love to use Art to support women in their personal and spiritual growth, helping them reconnect to their feminine energy, and finding creativity to express themselves through art. The intention is to use art as an act of discovery and healing. To use drawing as a channel for your emotions to tell their own story. Let authentic creative expression overpower your inner fears.

What you can expect:
During this 3 hours workshop, we will create a safe, open and playful space where all feelings are allowed to come out. It is not about drawing skills, but about releasing whatever is stuck through drawing. 

We will be painting from the inside out, connecting with your feminine energy and your Yoni power. The aim is to recognize and use visual symbols that allow us to express emotions or stories that seek to be told. Thinking and exploring outside our box. 

The costs are €40 euros (including all art supplies and some snacks). Bring a friend with you and get your special ticket for €35 euro each. At least two tickets have to be purchased.

I’m excited to share these memorable experiences with you!

Love, Mirjam Manusama