Yin & Tonic

17 Jun 2018 15:00 - 17:30

Heldhaftig Yoga, Veemkade 1288, 1165 HA Amsterdam

Slow down and sink in with this assisted workshop, taught by our Heldhaftig Katherine & Sim Sidhu.

The theme of this workshop called “Yin & Tonic” is to reconnect with yourself through a mix of yin yoga, massage and natural oils.

Our busy lives, our racing minds and circumstances can send us spiralling in many distracting directions. In fact, we have strayed so far from the simplicity of life that it has become easy to lose sight of our essence, our true nature.

With Yin yoga, we take the time to rediscover what it means to turn down the volume of our activities and become a little quieter.

During the workshop we will be targeting two meridians that will be stimulated using yin poses and through massage which will increase the chi flow and might help you to go even deeper to unveil what no longer serves you in that moment, or at all.

If you want to receive a face massage at the end, make sure not to wear too much make-up.

Let's transition and move from complexity to simplicity making for a very relaxing and revealing Sunday afternoon.

We only have 12 spots so make sure to put this one on your calendar!

Yin & Tonic

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