** WINTER SOLSTICE ** Yin Yoga Sound Healing Cacao Ceremony

21 Dec 2019 14:00 - 18:00

Jan van Galenstraat 24, 1051 KM Amsterdam

*** Healing through the blessing of RAW COCOA ELIXER, YIN YOGA asanas, divine sounds from the SINGINGBOWLS guided under 2019's * WINTER SOLSTICE * in Amsterdam West 

~ A sacred journey through the chakras ~

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Please be aware we have limited amount of spots -12 persons per gathering, so everyone will receive all the personal attention they deserve.

To avoid disappointment we advice to book your place now as we are always sold out…

We are psyched to share this experience with You!

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In the last days of 2019, just before the craziness of the holidays, Adrienne and Michalis will collaborate for the well known Yin Yoga, Soundhealing Cacao ceremony. 

They will combine their superpowers to take you on a journey, far away from your busy daily life and worries, a journey to mystical places and inwards to your deepest depths and highest highs, surfing on the waves of sound & energy.

We will gather for a wonderful journey of YINYOGA combined with SOUNDHEALING and a sacred CACAO CEREMONY.

We will create a sacred circle in which we will go on a journey together. Apart from the collective journey it will become a personal journey as everyone gets individual attention as well.

During this journey, we will drink a specially prepared sacred cocoa drink that will help us open the heart and make us more responsive to the elements.

After a short introduction, we will have a small sacred cocoa ceremony. The cocoa spirit will help you open your heart more and will make you more receptive. 

Subtle tunings to the main energy centers. In this session we will integrate the etheric body as a whole and inseparable system, which has a direct impact on our physical experiences.

Starting from the root energy we will climb through the elements, reaching the celestial realms through deep restorative asanas, breathing and sounds and vibrations from the singing bowls and other instruments, which will support our ascending journey.