Wake Up Workshop #1

11 Jul 2018 19:30 - 21:30

Sociëteit SEXYLAND, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39, 1033 RC Amsterdam

Meditation +
The Creative Process

by Shift & Outsider

WAKE UP is a radical new concept in creative workshops, using meditation to unlock creativity.

We fuse the latest research in cognitive activity with the fundamentals of the creative process, for an experience like no other. The focus in this first edition of the series is Ideation by Postponing Judgement. Postponing Judgement is the art of being open and accepting new ideas (new ideas don't fit into existing schemes of thought -> so we judge.)


- A radically new experience
- Meditation + Sound Bath
- Breaking out of thought-habits
- Heightened creativity
- Increased happiness

You will take away new tools and a handbook of techniques, unavailable online.


SHIFT combines sound healing and meditation to help you unplug, and OUTSIDER is an offline practice within the creative industry.

WAKE UP is their response to having both worked in ‘creative’ working environments where the creative process was misunderstood, and thus, unable to thrive.

*Limited tickets available
* Ticket includes Sexyland membership (2.50euros), valid for 30 days of entry.

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