The Abramović Experience: Level 2

Announced later, Rotterdam
25 Apr 2020 16:00
26 Apr 2020 16:00
Super organisator
Tickets 185,00 EUR - 350,00 EUR
Tickets 185,00 EUR - 350,00 EUR

The intensity of the exercises is increased in Level 2. Enrollment is only possible after completion of Level 1. Accomodation and food is included.

MASCAS was founded in 2015 by a small, curious creative team.

MASCAS is an events group that designs 'Experiences' inspired by art, psychology, theatre and life-stories. We are driven to guide people into moments of full expression, alienation, consciousness, absolute silence, mystery and more...

When did you last choose for yourself, for something you think is really important? For the unexpected, instead of predictability? For being aware of your own body, instead of others? For not knowing, rather than having the whole programme in front of you.

The MASCAS Experiences disrupt our routinely lives and empties our overfilled minds. They invite us to stand still and experience something unexpected.

The Experiences consist of different exercises, inspired by the work of Marina Abramović, a Yugoslavia-born performance artist. Her work and excerises explore the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body and the possibilities of the mind.

We want to ensure that secrecy and safety is guaranteed all the time.

Group size is maximum 12 per edition.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Preferably no jewellery, watches and make-up.
All our participants will wear a special clothing during the Experience. These clothing will be handed out at the start of the Experience.

The Experience will be held in in Rotterdam. The exact location will be announced 24 hours before the Experience to all our participants. The location can be both inside and outside (nature!), depending on the weather conditions.

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MASCAS is a creative events group that designs experiences inspired by art, psychology, theatre and life-stories. The team is driven to guide people into moments of expression, consciousness, silence and space.
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The Abramović Experience: Level 2

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