04 Mei 2017 20:15 - 22:15

Pllek, Tt. Neveritaweg 59, 1033 WB Amsterdam

Doors open: 20:15 uur
Pre sale: € 12,50 | Studenten: € 6,25 | Door sale: € 15,00

Esperanza Denswil, better known as her alter ego Pink Oculus is a dutch recording artist, singer songwriter, mc, producer and actress. After independently releasing ‘sweat’ in November 2013 Pink Oculus made name for herself in Holland and throughout Europe touring. Her music is a crossover between jazz and hiphop with some funk and a little hint of dub. She calls herself a singing rapper or a rapping singer. Either way, Pink Oculus is an amazing talented performer and a true gift on stage.

/// THE GWOOF ///
After recording 14 of their favourite songs in the studio with legendary - grammy nominated - producer Attie Bauw, Boudewijn and Sander realised that something was missing. So their search for the last, missing element began. On a whim they sent some of their recorded demos to Rudeboy. He was eager to work with them. The trio started to work on their debut EP, which is stated to release in early 2017


Pllek Live Stage is a venue for curious music lovers. Bold and fresh, the new space (next to the Pllek restaurant) offers great acoustics, an amazing view and a rugged yet welcoming vibe. A solid D&B sound system gives Pllek's sexy little sister an ooomph that will be sure to make a crowd of over 300 move and shake.

Every first Thursday of the month, we'll bring you a musical adventure powered by energetic live performances. Expect uplifting, powerful international acts and crossovers between contemporary electronica, western and non-western genres. An eclectic voyage that deserves to be heard!


Pllek Live Stage is an initiative from pllek


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