21 Jul 2017 22:30 - 22 Jul 2017 00:30

Hofplein railway Station, Raampoortstraat 30, 3032 AH Rotterdam


Pieles (2017) Spain | 77 min

In Pieles we follow the lives of different characters that all have something in common in a way. They are deformed or as our society would view them: freaks. There is a pregnant dwarf, a woman without eyes and a girl with an unfortunate butt-face. They live and love on the fragile edges of a society that only knows how to include people who meet certain beauty standards. Inside the safety of their pastel coloured homes, the characters have to learn how to give meaning to their lives on their own terms. Pieles is a highly original, taboo-breaking feature film. No matter how horrible the character's situation is at times, the incredible art direction, energetic soundtrack and centred cinematography give Pieles a hopeful touch like a Wes Anderson film.

Director: Eduardo Casanova

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