20 Apr 2018 09:30 - 16:30

Cinquième Sens Northern Europe, Keizersgracht 62, 1015 CS Amsterdam

A SPECIAL OCCASION for all perfume-lovers! A day dedicated to your passion for fragrances: This unique creative event will take you to the enchanted universe of perfumes.

Professional-level knowledge made accessible to all: A truly exclusive opportunity!

DISCOVER the basics of perfumery

IMAGINE your signature fragrance

CREATE your unique formula

EVALUATE your composition

Professional-level tools are used as didactic tool during the session: the famous Olfactorium, created by the French Perfumery School Cinquieme Sens & praised by the press as the essential DIY of fragrances. The Olfactorium is a tool used in Paris to train professionals in the field of perfumery.

The session covers the following topics:

  • Smell test
  • Olfaction and emotions
  • Chinese portrait of an odour
  • Description of the Perfumer-Creator’s organ
  • Introduction to natural and synthetic raw materials
  • Explanation of the olfactory pyramid
  • Application of notions of top – middle/heart – base notes
  • Presentation of the olfactory facets in a perfume
  • Composing a perfume formula using 19 professional-level facets, created by our perfumers in Paris
  • Make composition tests
  • Evaluate your creation

All trainers are certified and will dedicate you personalised attention during the learning experience: For this reason, places in the workshop are limited.

The participants receive 1 Workbook.

An exclusive bracelet -Bijoux "Les Parfumables" - is offered to participants as long-lasting memory of their first experience as perfumer's apprentice during the DISCOVERY DAY.

Participants are kindly requested not to wear perfume or perfumed products (creams, body lotions , etc...) the day of the session.

General Admission

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