Elemental Light Bootcamp

08 Jun 2019 13:00 - 17:15

Groene Passage, Mariniersweg 9, 3011 NB Rotterdam

First edition in the layer of LIGHT, where we will focus on seeing through the veil of illusion and learn to tap into our intuition connected to the third eye / Ajna Chakra. 
The element of light is the one to guide us in the dark and connects to our intuition through the third eye. Our third eye shapes our view on reality and by learning to use our imagination, dreams and inner world we are able to visualize and ultimately give shape to what we truly see.
Our ability to see further then what we can physically touch or comprehend depends on our current beliefs and view on reality and what we perceive to be "real". When we deconstruct our limiting beliefs and move past the illusion of separation between matter, energy and consciousness we will be able to take command and alter our view on that same reality. 
To give all of this shape, we create and use symbols within movement. We will spend time on the hands since they are the easiest to work with in regard to creating shapes and using commands. However, we will also be using the rest of our body to connect and push our creativity beyond what we already know, diving into the pool of intuitive movement. 
In our everyday life, we already use so many different gestures, but by becoming more conscious of what these gestures really mean we can start to paint a clearer picture and learn the hidden meaning through MoveMeant. 
This will be a great opportunity for anyone struggling with having clear dreams, seeing and understanding how things are instead of how we think they should be, recognizing our symbols and what they mean to us and how all of this can help us in our journey of self development. 
It's going to be an intense transformational process guided by Gil the Grid and Wesley Vāyu so be sure to bring a towel, lots of water and remember to leave your ego at the door ;)

Late bird 50,00 EUR + 1,20 EUR servicekosten