Crash Course Collecting - NL

28 Nov 2020 12:00

Want to come prepared during Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend? Sign up now for the Crash Course Collecting by Young Collectors Circle, thé platform for new art collectors. During this Crash Course Collecting, you'll learn everything you need to know about art history, the art market and different types of artworks. 

During this exclusive 45minute masterclass, we'll go on a rapid journey through the history of art: from the cave paintings in Lascaux all the way to the present: contemporary art. You will learn about different materials and techniques, the primary and secondary markets, which players are crucial to the market and how prices are set for artworks in both the gallery and at an auction. After this Crash Course Collecting, you'll know everything you always wanted to know about how, where, why and what to collect!

The Crash Course Collecting is presented by Young Collectors Circle, thé platform for new collectors. Young Collectors Circle brings art lovers of all ages together and opens doors that would normally remain closed. During our online and offline programs you will meet artists, art professionals, established and other starting collectors, you will learn how the art world works and you will develop -within your budget- your own taste and style. Members benefit from all advantages the membership has to offer, including participating in all our online and offline events (minimum of 6 each month), a helpdesk for all your collecting questions and exclusive access to dinners, trips and masterclasses. Our events range from an exclusive behind the scenes tour at an auction house to a visit to an extraordinary private collection; and from a talkshow about the value of art to a peek inside artists' studios. Members of Young Collectors Circle are part of a community that actively contributes to a better art world: Collecting art is more than filling the empty wall above your couch. By buying art you not only invest in artists, but you also generate attention for new artists and new art forms. Collectors play a crucial role in the 'ecosystem' of the arts and often support artists long before the major institutions discover them. Support the arts and join Young Collectors Circle today! Check for more information:

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