Corpo Elétrico

29 Jul 2017 22:30 - 30 Jul 2017 00:30

Hofplein railway Station, Raampoortstraat 30, 3032 AH Rotterdam


Corpo Elétrico (2016) Colombia, Mexico, Canada | 104 min

Elias is that kind of unpretentious character that everyone likes. He works as an assistant-designer in a factory in São Paulo. While the employees work long and hard during the daytime, after nightfall they seek solace in drinking and nocturnal adventures. While the temperatures start rising and summer is underway the factory workers find the pressure getting higher and so is their need to release!

Intrigued by the power of pleasure as catharsis director and anthropologist Marcelo Ceatano dived into the lives of factory workers in the locomotive of Brazil’s economy: São Paulo. It resulted a heartwarming social drama that closes the difference between black and white, poor and rich, man and woman, gay, straight and transsexual. With this first feature film, Caetano joins the latest cinematic movement in Brazil in which characters are human and modest, and where borders have faded.

Director: Marcelo Ceatano

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