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05 Dec 2015 23:00 - 06 Dec 2015 01:00
Billetto Peace of Mind
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Compound, the definition of techno.

We present you our line-up for the 5th of December:
Studio 1: Techno
► Adriana López [CO] (Grey Report)
► Dimi Angélis (ANGLS, A&S, Traut Muzik)
► Dispar Vulgo (Compound Music)
► Gloom (Compound Music)

Studio 2: House
► Carte Blanche (HJCKD/Lotgenoten)
► Thomas Elmore (Blauwdruk)

✔ Extended Opening Hours 06:00 – 08:00
✔ New Studio 80 Sound

On Saturday the 5th of December we invite Colombian born Adriana Lopez for her first appearance in Amsterdam as well as local hero Dimi Angelis for room 1:

Adriana Lopez
DJ, Producer and Grey Report label owner, Adriana Lopez is becoming one of techno's most prominent and in demand female artists. Hailing from Colombia, Adriana Lopez has been involved in techno since the late 1990s and was resident at Bogota's famous CBC Club for 2 years - the first 100% techno club in the country. It was a move to Spain in 2002 which served as the launchpad for her own career as a DJ and her label Grey Report. She has released music on respected labels, notably on Oscar Mulero's Pole Group imprint, Developer's Modularz and Svreca's Semantica.

For over 15 years, Adriana Lopez has played in several countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas including places like Berghain, Tresor and London's Corsica Studios. Using a combination of vinyl and CDJs, Adriana's sets are technically outstanding and explore a wide range of powerful, hypnotic and driving techno. Her sets, combined with her top production ability and her label Grey Report, have pushed her to the forefront of in demand DJ list internationally.

Dimi Angelis
It might sound like a cliché, but sticking to what you believe in really does pay off in the end. Dimi has been actively involved in the Dutch technoscene since the late nineties, his legendary raves at various locations still speaking to the imagination of many. Technofreaks abroad must know Dimi from his Counterpart and A&S project (w/ Jeroen Search) as well as his recent bangers ANGLS and Traut Muzik. For their sound they draw inspiration from the classical Detroit minimalists and give it their own contemporary twist. As for Dimi’s dj-sets, he can venture into the deepest of house or the bloodiest of nosebleed techno, but he always stays true to himself and to the music in its purest form.

Dimi’s list of played clubs and festivals is nothing short of respectably long and includes Awakenings, Kozzmozz, Tresor, Rex, Berghain, Suicide Circus, Le Moulin Rouge, Doornroosje, Paradiso, Dekmantel, Welcome to the Future, Free Your Mind, Rockit, Mysteryland, Club One, Stubnitz and even the late Innercity.

Residents Dispar Vulgo and Gloom (known for creating the “Compound Atmosphere”) complement the line up in Studio 1 as usual. They set the vibe and make sure you leave without any energy reserves.

In Studio 2 we have two house gangsters:
From the east of the country (Nijmegen) we invited Thomas Elmore, who made an impact on us while he was playing at Nachtsport where he was murdering the dancefloor.
Carte Blanche is a new kid on the block who’s agenda is literally filled. He’s a DJ that’s very versatile and we are very much looking forward to what he will bring on a night like this.

Presale €10 | Doorsale €15



Studio 80, Rembrandtplein 17, 1017 CT Amsterdam


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