Caribbean Cooking workshop

28 Jun 2018 18:30 - 21:30

Open Coöp, Tolhuisweg 2, 1031 CL Amsterdam

What better way to celebrate sunshine than with a Caribbean food workshop.

What will we prepare?

Saltfish and Ackee with bakes (Fried dumplings)

Jerk Chicken & Rice and Peas (I'll teach you how to make jerk from scratch!)

Sound tantalizing? Well I hope so!

Ackee a fruit native to West Africa, is said to have been imported to Jamaica before 1778. Used in a variety of Caribbean dishes, it's most commonly paired with dried salted cod, sweet bell peppers, onions and or course scotch bonnet. Once prepared, it's best sparing partner is usually a bake, otherwise known in Jamaica as a fried dumpling. Ackee, has a creamy, mild flavor not dissimilar to avocado. So avo fans, there's another fruit in town that will blow avocado out of the water! Come and learn to make these Caribbean staples and impress all your friends. After cooking the food we will take a well deserved rest and eat the rewards of our labor. A cocktail is not necessary, just your lovely self and a good palate. So come and enjoy with me the pleasure of cooking and eating.

Tickets are € 45 per person. Please be aware of this is a prepaid event, I will send further details by email once you have reserved your place.

To reserve your place please email:

Cooking Workshop

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