Beyond the Shadows into Peace Jamie Catto 4 day workshop

Meteorenweg 272, 1035 RN Amsterdam
11 Jun 2020 12:00
14 Jun 2020 16:30
Tickets 350,00 EUR - 400,00 EUR
Tickets 350,00 EUR - 400,00 EUR

During this 4 day transformative workshop in a beautiful venue in Amsterdam with creative genius and coach Jamie Catto:

• You will laugh your head off and realise how much energy you’ve been wasting wearing masks to satisfy other people who’s values you don’t necessarily share.
• You will realize how precious each day is and how much more space there is for mischief and playfulness in the world, especially yours.
• You will forgive yourself for all the shame and negativity you’ve allowed yourself to carry due to old beliefs from uptight parents, careers and teachers of old.
• You will reclaim vast amounts of energy and joy and channel it into your creativity and passions

During the four days of intensive but fun games and tools, we go for peace within ourselves so that we can reflect it out into the world. We navigate through the shadows of fear and steer a course into the sunshine of calm. 

We all have the ability to do this, but in the workshop we awaken the skills who have been sleeping within us. At the end of the four days a transformation has taken place. Through the gentle and heart-opening games we learn techniques to quiet the mind, retain playfulness, to stay on the path of light and peace in times of worry and anxiety.

Jamie’s workshop helps us to turn our demons into friends and to step out beyond our shadows into peace!

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Elin Karlsson

Elin is Swedish, living in Amsterdam where she runs an ecological daycare for children. In her free time, she loves exploring the realms of inner work and she gladly promotes and organizes workshops, retreats, gatherings, films and other means of personal development together with teachers she feels is on the mission to bring more love, compassion and intimacy into this world. She met Jamie during a very transforming retreat in Corfu in 2019.

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Beyond the Shadows into Peace Jamie Catto 4 day workshop

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