Become a better Public Speaker and live a GOOD life | Leren Presenteren

Wibautstraat 131D, 1091 GL Amsterdam
17 Feb 2020 18:45
03 Aug 2020 21:00
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Tickets 5,00 EUR - 50,00 EUR
Tickets 5,00 EUR - 50,00 EUR

If you are honest to yourself, you'll conclude that you are either living life exactly as you like it or you are holding back. 

In order to live on your own terms, you have to have certain skills, Public Speaking is one of those skills. Regardless of your who you are, where you come from or what you do, Public Speaking will help you become successful.

How will Public Speaking make you more succesful? 

  • It teaches you to communicate your ideas/thoughts clearly to your audience.
  • You learn to persuade and inspire your audience.
  • You become more confident in life as you take control of situations.
  • Networking will become something you embrace and use to your advantage.

When you join Public Speaking Academy, you will learn to be an effective communicator, which will make you more better at everything you do.

Every workshops is designed to make you a better speaker; our focus is practical experience rather than empty motivation that evaporates the moment you leave.

All these will take place in a fun environment to develop your public speaking skills.

What will you learn at the Workshop? 
➳ Apply behavior to make your speech effective.
➳ Avoid most common pitfalls that ruin a speech.
➳ Discover your most valuable improvement points.

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    Become a better Public Speaker and live a GOOD life | Leren Presenteren

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