Amsterdam ZNL Zouk Festival

22 Aug 2018 17:30 - 28 Aug 2018 00:00

Can Dance Studios , Isolatorweg 28, 1014 AS Amsterdam


The ZNL Zouk Festival

Our objective it is to help to rescue the Brazilian zouk culture, bringing back its origins, the historical dance happens and musical influences, thus making easier to understand what is about Brazilian Zouk as a whole, from the original basis and its ramifications and developments. Get in touch with movements used in the early days, the important stages of development in Brazil and world, until the present day. In our view, the DJ is of great relevance to the success of the party, and can and will influence negatively or positively the scene. Thinking about that, the concept of our festival was created to inform the deejays or not deejays who want to know better and understand the importance of the DJ role and responsibilities. Also, great importance in the DJs and teachers work together, so the students can follow not only the classroom grammar but can practice at parties Involving dance to the music while preserving the essence of our Brazilian Zouk. So the theme of the event is where music and dance are real!

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Artists already confirmed:
Allan Z- Brazil
kakah - Brazil
Ruanita Santos - Brazil/Netherlands
Kadu & Larissa - Brazil/LA
Val & Vanessa - Brazil
Daniel & Leticia - Spain
Mafie Zouker & Anna Russa - Brazil - Russia
Renata Peçanha & Jorge Peres - Brazil
Freddy & Andressa - Brazil/Helsinki
Olaya & Papagaio - Spain/ Brazil
China - Brazil
Jansen - Brazil
& more to be confirmed .

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