2-Day Workshop: Systems Engineering and Personal Growth

25 Aug 2018 09:30 - 26 Aug 2018 17:30

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Mauritskade 62, 1092 AD Amsterdam


During this 2-day workshop, we will dive into the world of resilient city and circular economy engineering, from an angle of your personal skills & project that you could add to transition.

Currently, the world is undergoing rapid changes: in culture, technology, knowledge, climate, availability of resources, etc. It becomes evident that we as individuals need to act upon these changes together, so to stir them towards a better world, to realize personal potentials and to benefit in the process of co-creation.

In a fun, interactive, creative and user-centered manner participants will get acquainted with scientific approaches to analyze complexity and design solutions. The approach combines methods for participatory innovation and resilient city engineering, designed and tested by Organic Village.

The main aim of this 2-Day workshop it that our participants will go home with:
1. Sufficient understanding of resilient and systems thinking and how to utilize this for personal and environmental prosperity and in so doing leverage existing problems into solutions.
2. A deep understanding of how their personal skills and motivation can be harnessed for the transition towards sustainability within cities.
3. A personal and Project profile that can be used as guidelines, for setting up future projects.
4. A roadmap outlining what next steps to undertake and with whom in order to act as a value network of participants transforming systems into sustainable ones.

Dina El Filali and Maxim Amosov from Organic Village

Dina is, an experienced trainer in empowerment - bridging complexity science and engineering with local citizens, a Wageningen UR Graduate, an Intern Research & Volarization at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, and co-founder of Organic Village& Creative ll Delighters, highly experienced with ‘emergent innovation’ and participatory frameworks. She is a member of the New Council of Amsterdam and living lab communities (Pakhuis De Zwijger, New Metropolis, Buiksloterham).

Maxim is an experienced scientist, engineer and entrepreneur born in Siberia. He was an active member and co-founder of Metabolic and De Ceuvel projects, where he exercised steps for turning knowledge into actions (from concepts - to working systems). As a research fellow at Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions - AMS Institute he studied complexity, resilience, business and circularity of Amsterdam. Currently, he offers an integrated participatory method & tools to help researchers, young experts, citizens & decision-makers to advance shared knowledge and co-develop solutions, projects, business models & strategies for sustainable transition.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us via: dina@organic-village.eu or maxim@organic-village.eu

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